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I discovered Y.E.S when I wanted a particular bag in a particular colour. I asked around but Yasmin was the only one who went out of her way to find the bag for me. From then on, I used Y.E.S service to look for several bags at a very reasonable price.Needless to say it was fast and efficient. Her replies are prompt which is important as you do not want to miss the great deals. You’d definitely want to use her service again, as have I. Thanks so much for all the efforts you had to go through to get my orders. Will definitely get something in future from you.
Anis Ghani, Kuala Lumpur
(Happily purchased in July 12, Sep 12 & Dec 12)

Yasmin has been extremely helpful from the moment I contacted her. Level of service is top-notch and reliable. I would highly recommend her to anyone interested in buying branded goods at a more affordable price. I have since purchased several items from her & loving it – thanks for all your help and patience, Yasmin! Am looking forward to my next purchase 🙂 items from you.
Miss Ye Kar, Kuala Lumpur
(Happily purchased in Dec 12 & Jan 13)

You are first and foremost very helpful, friendly and honest. I kept on bombarding you with questions and questions. Your replies/answers were prompt, to-the-point and [attentive] (for lack of a better word). As for the item, you followed the right specs. If the first preference was not bought, you provided explanation.
This I am impressed totally – the item was in the dustbag, came with the shopping bag and there was also receipt provided. I felt like I just bought the item from the boutique myself.
The shopping bag was in a good condition too. I certainly will purchase more (and more!) items from you.
Ida Shah, Kuala Lumpur
(Happily purchased in Jan 13)


One thought on “Testimonials

  1. my anya hindmach bag arrived in a good condition . i really like it so much. the delivery also faster and trusted!!! i thanks so much!

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