We are your Europe shopper. We are shopaholics just like you but with a mission!

What mission?

To bring you the best bargain you can never find back at home.


In case you are wondering, we are two Malaysian sisters living in this side of the world.

Oh btw, we take what we do seriously so please no time wasters yeah? It’s just that one of us have a full time job and the other is busy juggling two small boys and a man at home 🙂

So anyway, Happy Shopping Y’All!!


7 thoughts on “About

  1. hie… do you accept credit card? :).. im interested in giant city n classic velo in latte… may i know the price? thank you.

  2. Hi Europe Shopper. I’m looking for a PST Chanel, is there any chance of you selling one? Also is your Medallion (Chanel) still available?


    • Hi Farrah,
      Chanel PST is no longer available but Medallion tote is still available either in Black or Beige, depending on store availability.
      I have provided you with the price in an email. Please check your inbox 🙂

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