YSL Pre-Order: Chyc Clutch

YSL Large Chyc Clutch, Violet (Unavailable)

YSL Large Chyc Clutch, Beige (Ready Stock Available in KL)

YSL Large Chyc Clutch, Chesnut (Unavailable)

YSL Large Chyc Clutch, Dark Magenta (Unavailable)

YSL Large Chyc Clutch, Deep Red (Unavailable)

YSL Large Chyc Clutch, Red (Unavailable)

YSL Large Chyc Clutch, Tan (Unavailable)

A chic clutch in soft leather that is treated and pressed to give the effect of tweed fabric, is simply adorned with a brushed gold-toned “Y” at the bag’s snap closure. Through its classic silhouette and rich, textured construction the bag blends timeless with today effortlessly.

Made in Italy
Dimensions: 28cm x 15cm x 4.5cm

Take note of the following:

  • Item is authentic and fresh from boutiques across Europe. We DON’T do fakes and yes, the price difference is REAL (oh yeahh…!)
  • As this is a pre-order item, deposit would be required once order is confirmed.
  • We accept payment via Paypal or online transfer to a local Maybank account.

To inquire price and place an order, please drop us a comment here or send us an email: your.europe.shopper@gmail.com or WhatsApp 353-86-7917368.

**Please note that we are no longer able to restock this old version of the Chyc Clutch**


7 thoughts on “YSL Pre-Order: Chyc Clutch

  1. Why all your things up without price? It is so annoying. People will return to you if your service is good enough. U might be lost ‘some’ good customer. Some but still $$$$$$$$!

    • Thanks for your comment.
      We apologize if you find this annoying but please understand that our price depends on several factors including where we source the item (i.e UK / Europe), if it is being sourced during sale season or normal season, the current exchange rate as well as the logistic aspects i.e. delivery method etc.
      With all these taken into account, our prices do tend to change from time time and that is why we don’t publish a ‘fixed’ price for SOME of the items on our website.
      Feel free to email us if there is anything you are interested & would like to know the price 🙂

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