Le Crueset Round Grill

LE CREUSET Round Grill
diameter: 25 cm / 9,84″

With Le Creuset grills you can cut the fat but retain the flavor. The deep ribs separate the fat from the food allowing for healthier cooking. The grills can go on the stove or under the broiler – a rainy day will never prevent you from enjoying your favorite barbeque foods.The ribbed base sears food evenly and gives the characteristic char lines. The comfortable handles are great for easy handling. With Le Creuset grills you can serve it with a sizzle.

This Le Creuset grill is ideal for:
Grilling Searing Marking

Cast Iron is perfect for grilling because of it’s characteristics:

1) can be used on the stovetop, in the oven and under the grill
2) is suitable for use on all heat sources
3) is a superior conductor of heat, therefore, there is no need to use high heat. Best frying results are obtained on low to medium settings. Gently pre-heat pans on low setting for 2 – 3 minutes then add oil or liquid to it.
4) 30-year guarantee.
5) All pans are coated with achromatic silk – enamel inside. This silk – enamel is satiny and makes cleaning much more easier. They have to be seasoned before first use.

OUR PRICE = RM300 inclusive delivery

If interested, please drop us a comment here or send us an email at your.europe.shopper@gmail.com


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