Le Creuset cast iron Duo Multifunctions

Available color: orange (volcanic) & Red (cerise) only

 Le Creuset cast iron Duo Multifunctions 22cm consists of two pieces:

1) A cast iron saucepan with pouring lip

2) A cast iron round skillet.

Le Creuset saucepan is ideal for simmering the most delicate sauces, developing consistency and aromas without burning food. The large capacity and contoured lines make stirring and mixing a breeze.  The anti-drip pouring lip prevents any dripping of food in undesirable places, and the helper handle is for ease of use and comfort.

A skillet is the versatile combination of a frypan and a baking dish. It has a metal handle extending its use to the oven.

Cast iron:

  • is perfect for frying, boiling, simmering, cooking, marinating and food storage after cooking
  • can be used on the stovetop, in the oven and under the grill
  • is suitable for use on all heat sources, pre-heat the pan before you put oil in
  • is a superior conductor of heat
  • The saucepan and skillet are coated with nature enamel inside (don’t have to be seasoned)
  • both handles have an eye
  • 30-year guarantee

OUR PRICE = RM575 inclusive delivery

If interested, please drop us a comment here or send us an email at your.europe.shopper@gmail.com


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